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Explore some of John’s works on topics including the inherent paradox of collaboration, innovation, leadership and more.

The Crucial Quest for Collaborative Leadership: A conversation with John Abele of Boston Scientific – Forbes Leadership Forum May 7, 2012
The incredible democratization of information and power engendered by networks is exponentially enlarging not only our ability to build together but also our ability to tear things apart. It is pushing collaboration to the fore in every aspect of our lives, at a scale never before possible.

The Good Corporate Citizen – Philadelphia Inquirer September 13, 2011
” In 1995, Malden Mills, a fabric manufacturer in Lowell, Mass., burned down. CEO Aaron Feuerstein decided not only to rebuild, but pay the workers during the rebuilding. There was a lot of publicity from that compassionate act.”

Bringing Minds Together – Harvard Business Review July-August, 2011
“When I was invited to submit an article to this spotlight on collaboration, the first question I asked was whether the other contributors and I would have the chance to interact and perhaps integrate our ideas on the topic. I knew that Harvard Business Review was deeply rooted in a scholarly tradition—and that worried me. Academic collaboration, I’ve learned over the years, is something of an oxymoron.”

The Collaboration Paradox: Why Collaborations Seem so Common but are Actually Very Rare  – Chronicle for Higher Education
“Many vital human endeavors require collaboration, but although we hear incessantly about purported collaborations, few of us understand how to create an environment where we are truly drawing on the strengths of all the participants. This is particularly important for business and academic leaders, because they must cultivate collaboration (across and within our fields) to bring the next wave of breakthroughs to the public: Real advances increasingly demand expertise from multiple fields. To reap the full promise that emerging technologies offer, we must change the way we teach and reward collaboration”

Redefining How Organizations Meet: A New Perspective on the Role of the Conference Centre – Based on a presentation to IACC, October 2002
You are guinea pigs today…
I have no background in the hospitality field (except as a customer). Nor do I have experience in the “conference business” (except as a user). But now I own a conference centre… just north of Toronto.   And there are a number of influential people in a wide variety of fields and professions who are enamored with this place and its philosophy…scientists, educators, business-people, doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc.
That leads to a number of questions:

  • Who is this guy?
  • Why is he doing this?
  • What is the vision of Kingbridge?
  • What is it about Kingbridge that might produce such a positive reaction?

That is what I will talk about… Let’s start with my background. ”

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